Social Action

Anti Poverty Group

Darlene Gaines is the CEO of The Anti-Poverty Group founded in 2014.

APG is known for combating poverty in Arkansas, inspiring and motivating community living by establishing sustainable food sources to feed those who have little or no food; supplementing food cost for community members.

Goldi said “ At the age of thirteen God commissioned me to feed His sheep. The innate desire to fulfil His instruction never left me. I’ve been feeding people since I was a little girl. I remember a homeless man living in an old shed in the alley behind my family and I home. I would sneak him cereal. There has always been this sense of duty to bring comfort to the distressed”.

The Anti-Poverty Group applies its “Community Unity'' practices to enhance the quality of life for all members while cultivating self sustainable daily practices by way of critical pedagogy. Our city is one of many that face poverty ebbs and flows. North Little Rock’s median household income is 43,703.

Amongst the 65,903 North Little Rock populous 23.8% live in poverty (US State Census Bureau, 2019). The Anti-Poverty Group cares about the 23.8%.

2021 APG began recruiting for its “Necessary Progress” Internship Program. Designed to educate, cultivate and give hands-on experience to students in the field(s) Horticulture, Accounting, Business Marketing and Political Science.

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