Goldi is the only candidate for Commissioner of State Lands with experience in Agriculture and sustainability. Together we can decrease poverty, hunger, and disease rates thus healing the land and increasing the quality of life for all Arkansans.

  • Arkansas poverty rate is 16.8%

  • In Arkansas, 499,950 people are facing hunger- of them 149,670 are children.

  • Arkansas ranks 1st in Chronic lower respiratory disease and 3rd in heart, diabetes, kidney disease.

We will focus on 3 areas of impact


Did you know that more than 50% of Arkansans lost their homes and land within the last 13 years? The challenge with this is that the owners didn’t know the rules…they weren’t properly educated on the process and the options they had. Yes, they received the letters that have information in terms that could be understood by a person with a bachelor's degree…but this was big mama's land "I don't know anything about this process or what I can and cannot do!" It’s time out for that! We are no longer going with the flow! We are going to educate our Arkansans of their rights, inform them of their options and express it in a way that they can understand…


It’s time for growth and development of our at-risk areas…it’s time to work with those who desire change and give opportunities to those who commit to seeing a better AR…did you know that there are 4,425 undeveloped rural properties in AR! Because there is very little attention being given to the places that can potentially serve as food desert centers. It's time out for that! We are no longer going with the flow…we will look at strategies to develop the land in our under-served communities!


I know you are tired of hearing people tell you the importance of your vote… I know many of you believe that your vote doesn’t count…BUT LETS BE CLEAR… IT’S TIME OUT FOR THAT! You matter…your vote matters…The small child watching you, sees the history you make when you vote, your peers see the care for your community when you vote, not to mention, our ancestors fought tooth and nail, and some lost their lives for YOU TO VOTE…it’s your obligation and duty to VOTE! We need you….I need you and remember YOU MATTER…If you aren’t registered to vote…register today…

Healing the land of AR is not just a “Me” Thing

Healing the land of AR is not just a “Me” thing, it’s a “We” thing…we the people have to come together to heal the land so that our struggling brothers and sisters can see that there are still people who have a heart of Gold and will fight for their rights…

Share my message with everyone in your contacts, your neighbors, and family. Ask them to share with others. I am Goldi Gaines candidate for the AR Commissioner of State Lands!